My story


I began practicing vinyasa yoga 18 years ago, and although I felt the benefits of the physical and mental practice right away, it was only in the last three years that I really started to grasp the concept of the spiritual side. Overcoming severe back pain and overcoming intense life hurdles brought me to a place in my life where I wanted to give back. My goal is to teach people how to relieve and heal from physical, mental, emotional or psychological pain, regardless of the source. I do this through Yoga, Stretch and Zumba. I discovered other amazing tools too during my healing process that helped me tremendously. Now I am truly winning, thriving and living life as the best version of myself. 

These Tools Include:

  • Breath Work - Pranayama
  • Yoga Poses and Sequences - Asanas
  • Self Love Exercises and Mantras
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming 
  • Vision Boarding and Journaling
  • Gratitude Journaling & Affirmations
  • Goal Setting, Tracking and Reflection
  • The Law of Attraction and Manifestation
  • Positive Mindset that Reprograms your Brain
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Designed to Make Change 

During my challenging journey of Self Love and Acceptance I created a 12 week program for myself. 

Remember, when I started this program I was experiencing extreme sciatica back pain, I had just left a long term relationship, I lost my job, & my home. It was a pretty dismal place for me, and I had lost a lot of dignity, self esteem and self love which caused a lot of physical back pain. I also gained a bunch of weight that I wasn't used to. These are all such important elements in life that help one flourish and thrive. So, I urge you to take on the 12 week challenge of ridding your body, mind & soul of pain. 

Hire me as your personal trainer, accountability partner and yoga coach and I will personally customize your journey to FITT your limitations, type of stress or pain and fitness goals so you will have the best chance at your best life. Survival Of The FITT represents a healthy body, mind and soul which we all deserve.