relaxation is part of your session

How I add value to my sessions

Aromatherapy – I incorporate Scentsy, incense, and essential oils into my sessions to provide a delicious aromatherapy experience. This will lift your spirits and boost your mood. (Optional)

Ambience – Whether it's candles, flowers or specific lighting, your yoga experience will transport you to a place of peace, calmness and serenity.

Sound Therapy - Raise your vibrations with singing bowls, chanting, relaxing music or your favourite tunes. Let me know what you prefer.

Crystal & Energy Healing - Heal pain and stress with the power of energy healing. I can clear your negative vibes with hands-on crystal healing, smudging and energy healing. 

Hands-On – Hands on adjustments and assisted stretch are the cherry on top of your workout routine. You will be able to stretch further than usual with my help. I'll correct your pose when necessary while you focus on breathing and stretching deeper.

Nutrition - Let's talk healthy eating, portion control and your relationship with food. You'll have access to my blogs, videos and receive a personalized nutrition program with tips and tricks, plus my favourite recipes so you can achieve your wellness and fitness goals quickly. 

Custom Written Program - All clients will receive a custom written program that they can follow on the days they are not working out with me. I will keep you motivated and accountable for the daily activities your body craves so much.

Videos - Connect with me on Youtube and follow my instructional videos. They are filled with helpful tips on how to stay motivated and healthy.

Email & Text Support - Contact me day or night to ask questions, get advice or boost your motivation. As your Yoga Coach, I'm here to help you in any way I can.

12 Week Transformational Program

You'll definitely get the full benefits of our time together when you sign up for my 12 week transformational program. It's a lifestyle change that incorporates so much more than just physical exercise. It includes exercises of self love, gratitude and quantum physics so you can make the permanent changes you are looking for.